CMA GRD line of drilling machines Canada
CMA TRD Rapid Drilling Machine
CMA TRD Rapid Drilling Machine

CMA TRD Rapid Drilling Machine

The CMA TRD Rapid Drilling Machine Line is the most versatile, flexible and effective machine for all sorts of CNC drilling, tapping, countersinking, flowdrilling, deepdrilling, and light milling jobs.

Ideal for drilling in plate, profile, beam, tube and pipe.

This cantilever machine model is sturdy, overdimensioned and accurate.

Highlights of the CMA TRD Line of drilling machines

- Flexible, versatile cnc drilling machine
- Bench type or cantilever type drilling machine
- Spindle CAT40 or BT40 to drill up to 1.5” diameter
- Easy to program at the machine or offline
- Easy to mount product on the table
- Work areas from 5’ x 2’ up to 30’ x 2’
- Huge distance under the spindle
- For drilling plates, profiles, tube, pipe and beams
- 4th axis optionally available
- Often replaces multi head or multi spindle machines

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