Dalcos PXN CNC Coil Punching Machines
Dalcos PXN CNC Coil Punching Machines

Dalcos PXN CNC Coil Punching Machines

The DALCOS® PXN coil punching machines were the first that DALCOS ever made and are still the most popular due to their versatility and output combined with their excellent quality/price ratio.

The technological combination of hydraulically operated punches and precise positioning by means of ball screws has evolved over twenty years to make these machines ever more precise, reliable and productive.

The PXNs may be set up with one or more moving punch heads, aligned or opposed according to requirements, to allow simultaneous front and back machining of symmetrical products.
The PXN range comprises various size machines for machining materials with width from 40 up to 1500mm.
The available configurations for the final set-up are based on customer requirements in terms of products, thickness and type of material to be machined.

The VEGA Bialternato® feeder inserts pre-painted and prefinished materials with or without protective film, with gauge of up to 2mm, with great precision into the machine.

The VEGA Bialternato® feeder con with hydraulic clamps inserts pre painted and prefinished materials with or without protective film, with gauge of up to 3mm, into the machine

The ERGO feeder with integrated straightener allows material with (standard) up to 4 mm to be handled.

The ARC tool post arches ensure that the PXN punching machines can be fully customised with regard to the number of both moving and fixed tools. Using standard thick turret punches, available worldwide (type "A", "B", "C", "D", "F" and Multitool), makes the PXN punching machines extremely versatile, while the rotary DALCOS® G-TOOLS can be included in the set-up to increase machine flexibility even more. Both the moving and the fixed heads can be set up with customised punches for special requirements.

- Agricultural products
- Air treatment products
- Electrical cabinets
- Emergency or security doors
- Filter frames
- Large panels
- Lighting products
- Lightweight structural sheet metal products
- Mail boxes
- Metal furniture
- Reinforced and fire door frames
- Road signs and signals
- Shelving
- Switchgear panels 

The EDD integrated software with touch screen has been designed and made in keeping with the latest concepts of functional ergonomics so that it is truly user friendly.

Dalcos punching lines may be customised with decoilers, straighteners, in-line presses and exclusive unloading systems. Just get in touch with us and we will help you decide which PXN set-up is most suited to your needs

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- Built-in shears
- Coil thickness 0.2÷4mm
- Coil width 20÷1500mm
- Customisable unloading system
- Number of in-line presses Customisable
- Number of moving presses Customisable
- Rotary tools Customisable

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DALCOS EDD integrated software

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