Kuhlmeyer belt finishing technologies Canada

Kuhlmeyer Belt Finishing Technologies Canada

Kuhlmeyer, through years of experience and continuous engineering efforts, has injected sophistication and variety into what was once a limited belt sanding process.

Today, Kuhlmeyer has automated and semi-automated solutions to finish a large variety of parts to a level impossible to achieve by hand with conventional tools.

When you look at stainless steel components on high-end appliance brands, it is very likely they were finished using a Kuhlmeyer Belt Sander.

Many major electrical enclosure manufacturers have used the Kuhlmeyer automatic corner grinding technology for their welded structures prior to painting, and a rapidly growing number of structural component fabricators, from crane to ship manufacturers, enjoy better welds and higher throughput due to Kuhlmeyers ultra-productive beveling machines.

No matter which application applies to your current need, you can be sure that you will not only be buying the best quality available, but also years of experience.

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A few other Kuhlmeyer machines:

Kuhlmeyer PBM. A Portal frame belt sanding system to finish bulky parts like stainless steel electrical boxes (NEMA Boxes)

kuhlmeyer frame belt sanding

kuhlmeyer stainless steel sanding machine Canada

The Kuhlmeyer PZM is a Twin Belt Sanding Machine that is integrated in a Portal to accommodate the flexible finishing of bulky parts.

Kuhlmeyer Twin Belt Sanding Machine

The Kuhlmeyer TBS with cantilever frame

kuhlmeyer twin belt sanding machines Canada

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