Vidir Vertical Storage Systems
Vidir Vertical Storage Systems
Vidir Vertical Storage Systems

Vidir Vertical Storage Systems

Vidir’s Vertical Lift Systems (VLS)

A brand new product line has been released by Vidir: The Vertical Lift System (VLS) for sheet metal and long span items such as Barstock, Pipes, and Press Brake Dies. 


The technology in vertical storage systems can generally be broken down to 3 main benefits:

- A better utilization of floor space

- Easier access to material

- A safer handling


Hereunder listed are the general benefits of Vidir Vertical Storage Systems for Sheet / Plate and Barstock Material:

- Increased workplace safety, reduce worker’s injuries

- Efficient material storage and flow

- Reduced storage footprint

- Organizes and secures inventories

- Reduced material damage factor

- Reduction in material change over time

- Forklift usage reduced (and forklift operator and spotter)



Depending on the plant situation and the user’s application, the benefits and actual savings will vary.

A Vidir case study related to a client’s safety concerns, built a sheet metal VLS case for a client to meet a safety concern created by storing and retrieving sheet metal from a regular stationary material rack with a forklift.

By opting to go with an automated VLS storage system, the client received a system built to a (PL e) Performance Level E - Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL3) which as a solution, met their safety requirements while providing additional benefits to their operation such as a higher flexibility in material retrieval and a greatly reduced cost of getting the right material at the right location.


Space Savings:

The client had 3 sheet material racks each with 8 positions per a rack, 24 positions in total.

The space between the shelves was 10.5” to allow for the forklift to lift pallets in and out of position for a 9’ tall rack.  The 3 racks were each 12’ 9” wide by 6’ 1” deep for a total occupied space of 232.69 ft2, and this was not including the required aisle space to access the racks!

The available ceiling height of 22’ allowed the client to fit a VLS with 25 positions at 5” spacing.

The total footprint of the unit was 160.33ft2, for a space savings of 72.35ft2.

So: previously 24 positions on 232’ of sq.ft of real estate were as now he has 25 positions at 160 sq.ft



Prior to the VLS the customer had to take special care to nest jobs with the same material together in order to  maximize the laser’s efficiency. The changeovers of the material took on average 12 minutes (to get a forklift, to remove the finished material, and stage the new material). At best, they averaged only 5 changeovers per shift for a total of 1 hour of laser downtime for every 7 hours of operation. During this hour the following costs were incurred: forklift operation, a forklift operator, a spotter, and of course 1 hour of lost revenue from the sheet lasers downtime. After the VLS was installed, material changeovers were reduced to 3 minutes (a 75% decrease) with the only costs involved being the laser downtime. The expenses incurred through the use of the forklift, operator, and a spotter are completely eliminated.


Material Damage:

A client was moving approximately 32 pallets of sheet metal per month on average with the bottom sheets consistently sustaining damage from forklift handling. At $0.50/lbs. for a 5’ x 10’ sheet of 14G materials, averages out to be approximately $2,500 worth of damaged material per month, which added up to $30,000 annually.

Which is $ 150,000 in 5 years.

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