SMD Machinery Inc.

SMD Machinery successfully sells high-end metal fabrication systems in Canada since 2005. We have great insight regarding what production methodologies to follow and advise, for a wide range of applications. Extensive experiences were made in advanced economies in Europe and North America. This broad background provides a great advantage that our customers benefit from every day, directly and constantly effecting their bottom line.

Canadian (precision sheet) metal fabricating companies are rationalizing their operations in high velocity to keep up with the world markets.
We are committed and pleased to play a part in that process. 
It is our goal to help our customers eliminate work in process (WIP) all together and to help them improve and fully streamline their daily operations. 
We sell smart, unique and cost saving machines, cells and systems / processes to, ideally, run any part, at any moment, on demand.

We carry highly innovative, top quality lines:
Astes4, Dalcos, Salvagnini, CMA, WILA, Kuhlmeyer, InspecVision and Faccin.

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