Vidir Vertical Lift Systems

Material Storage: A significant Waste Factor in Metal-Fabricating Plants and Machine Shops

General productivity at sheet metal fabricators and machine shops, is measured by how much input is required to get a certain output. Often "O.K-looking" numbers show up. Fair enough...

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To buy another Press Brake or to Invest in a Salvagnini Panel Bender is quite a Difference.

Dear Fabrication Professional,

A P2 Panel Bender replaces up to 3 Press Brakes...

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Salvagnini S4P4 Line

The lack of skilled metal workers in Canada.

We think, the following needs to be done to attract a new generation of motivated skilled workers for the metal fabrication industry in Canada.

The Lack of skilled labourers in the (sheet) metal working industry, forces us to find alternative ways to attract skilled workers...

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Salvagnini Flexcell Canada

FlexCell  Optimize your flow for manufacturing cutting and bending

Throughout the last decade, it became clear that we have an increased problem finding skilled workers...

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